the mobile shared wishlist

With hiahia, you can encode all the things you would like to have.
Then, your friends can view your wish list and book the gifts they want to offer you.

When you encode a wish, you can specify a title, a description, a web address, and even add an image.

You choose with which friends you want to share your list, only your friends can view it.

You can also book presents in your friends's wish list. Once booked, other people will not be able to book them. This allows for not offering the same gift twice to the same person.

With 3D Touch, you can directly access your friends's wishes selection or add a new wish.
You can also use iOS search to find your friends, your wishes and the wishes you've booked.

Requires an iCloud account:
All your data is stored and secured in iCloud. They are also available on all your iOS devices with the same iCloud account.